How to get Indian Visa in Nepal

Is your visa in India expiring soon or you want to visit other countries, but your visa is Single entry? Today I have two options for you if you want to go back to India and stay for more time. One of this options is to travel to Thailand and get a new visa, but we won’t talk about this option today (also I haven’t try it yet , but I know people that yes) and the second option is to travel to Kathmandu-Nepal (I have personally tried this one).


First at all I will suggest that you leave India within three to four days before your visa expire (if you are in India, and second get ready to spent 10 wonderful days in Nepal!

Some people call this process “extend visa” but you don’t actually extend your visa because they give you a new one, if you have student visa, business visa or tourist visa it’s OK for everyone, but you will get only tourist visa and you can apply for six months (they haven’t give yet)  but the maximum they give is three months (I received three months only). Now let’s  start with the arrival to Kathmandu-Nepal, you can get a visa on arrival for 15 days and the price was 25 USD (2016) Please take with you dollar, they only take cash and only in dollars, from the airport you can take a map of Kathmandu, they are free and useful don’t miss them (I did), from the airport you can  pre paid a taxi and it will take you to your hotel, I paid 250 NRS till Thamel the centre of  commerce for tourists  were was located my hotel.


After all this arrival process, if you reach on any day between Monday to Friday, submit your documents as soon as possible (if you are in a hurry) as I already said it takes between 10 to 11 days to get your visa. In order to apply you need to take with you a print copy of the form that appears in the website of the Indian embassy (Link:, a copy of your Nepal Visa, a Photo 2×2 (it has to be exactly that size and white background, close to the embassy there is a place where they help you with the pictures and all the require documents, but is better to go ready), a photocopy of your passport and your last Indian visa if you have it.

Now that you have all the documents you need to be present in the embassy of India before 8:30 if you want to be the first one, the embassy opens at 9:00 and at 8:30 it start getting quite busy around, the embassy is around 15 min far from Thamel so if you book a hotel in this area you can go easily walking (I did)

After you give your documents, you need to pay according to your nationality and the time you require your visa, I did apply for three months and I paid 5.000 NRS (2016) and you have to pay in local currency, after you pay you have to go back after five working days (I submitted my documents on Monday and I went back on Friday).


At the second visit at the embassy you submit your passport and they will tell you for how much time you got your visa and when it starts, you leave your passport and the next day (third visit) you can claim your passport with your visa between 5 to 5:30 pm. I think I said all that I know about the process I hope my experience help you, and please leave a comment down below so I can know that this blog was actually useful for you.

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