My personal experience living in India

Living in India is an awesome experience that of course is not made for everyone. For some is something to see once in life, other ones wish they could stay forever just discovering every corner of this awesome country, and one of them is me.

India gave me so many good experience and bad experience that made me grow as a person and also help me with many things that were wrong in my life, I made friends, I made my home, and half of 


However, what made me love so much India? Before I travel to this wonderful country that I consider my second home, many people told me many misconceptions about India, things that you can’t just believe until you take the experience. Some of the people with whom I talked told me: “India is awesome I love it, you will love the people, their culture, everything”. Despite that, there are people who told me to be careful because the washrooms were horrible, people is dirty, the city is dirty and horrible, I didn’t like .


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When you are talking about India you don’t have to take others experience to know how will be yours, you will have to live it because everyone has a different experience and yours could be the most wonderful of all.

As an example mine was tears and drama at the beginning, but after everything turns into a romantic story and a really nice life for the next years. Learn how to love this beautiful country wasn’t difficult, the people, their culture makes you fall in love slowly until you wish you could never leave that place.

Do not wait to read my experience to see if you can go and have yours, take the risk and you will see, you will love India.

 I think I said all that I know about it . I hope my experience help you, and please leave a comment down below so I can know that this blog was actually useful for you.

Thank you


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