Travelling with Nepal Airlines (Review)

Today  more than a review,  I want to share with you all my experience with Nepal Airlines on my trip to Kathmandu. This is my personal experience as before I have travelled with different airlines .

Nepal Airlines

First at all, Nepal Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Nepal. Its head office is located in Kathmandu , and its main base is Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. The airline was established in July 1958 as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation  to be Nepal’s first airline. The airline’s first aircraft was a Douglas DC-3, used to serve domestic routes and a handful of destinations in India. As of February 2017, the airline operates a fleet of eleven aircraft.

My experience

The first reason why I chose this airline was because I have to say it is budget friendly and on the time I book the ticket it was like one to two days before my trip from New Delhi to Kathmandu and the prices were quite high, so I just decided to take that ticket for 14.000 Indian Rupees one way … Check in was fine  all in the airport was nice, but when is time to board the plane is where it gets some tough… the Cabin crew  was not nice, they were rude, and they were also not organized at all, I know it can be an airline of low price, but I have travelled with better airlines of low price and a really nice customer service. The seats were super uncomfortable and the plane was not properly clean.

Another bad thing I found was that they don’t have online check in and also their website needs more attention.

So, if you need a budget friendly airline well this is what you will be getting. Also, in order to get it even cheaper book it two months before your trip you can get really good deals .Hope Nepal Airlines improve as the main airline of Nepal and i wish them the best for future. I think I said all that I know about the process I hope my experience help you, and please leave a comment down below so I can know that this blog was actually useful for you.

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