What is Holi in India?

As today is 13 March 2017 is the start of the most colourful festival in India HOLI!!!!

Holi is a spring festival that celebrates the end of the winter, the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil, is celebrated in most parts of India and also Nepal. In this festivity people use dry powder and colour water, this colour powder is called “Gulal”, some ingredients that are used to create this colourful powders are:

Herbs, water, sandalwood powder, rose leaves, etc.

Green colour: It can be made with Henna leaves, spinach and coriander leaves

Red Colour: Red Sandalwood powder with Vermillion or Rose petals in addition to dried beetroot or hibiscus flowers

Blue Colour: Flowers like blue hibiscus can be ground to get a perfect herbal Gulal.

All the herbal gull that are completely non-toxic and favourable to skin.

In this holiday most of the shops are close and you have to be careful if you don’t want to be part of the festivity, is common to see in the street to see people throwing colour powder and water to passers-by.


As personal my personal experience, I spent an awesome time playing Holi at JNU , I was invited by some friends and it was awesome, but I don’t even reach and I was already full of colours and water, while travelling in the auto people in the street throw water into the auto and ahead on the road kids were throwing colour powder, now you can imagine what happen.

I suggest to take precautions as the colours really get stock in your clothes and your skin, use coconut oil so the colours will go easily and protect your hair with an old cloth and of course use white clothes that you can throw away because that stains will never go.

I hope my experience help you, and please leave a comment down below so I can know that this blog was actually useful for you.

Thank you


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